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I have had gym memberships off and on for several years and just went and used the equipment and never stuck with it for very long because I got bored with it.  I found The Garage thru a friend posting on Facebook and decided to give it a try.  The workouts are great and let you challenge yourself at your pace with coaches that keep you moving from start to finish.  All ages and genders can benefit from this.  The friendly and supportive atmosphere that other members create I have never experienced in a gym before.  If you are looking for a place that will keep you interested, challenged, and motivated without judgment this is definitely worth your time.

                                            -  Andrea, Age 32

Let me start by saying that I am a 56 year old who decided to try taking up long distance running three years ago to be able to compete in half marathons. My wife had been going to Garage Fitness with some of her friends and had been encouraging me to try a few classes. I was somewhat apprehensive going to my first couple of classes with a mix of high school students to men and women in their twenties, thirties and forties. What I found after attending a few classes was a group of dedicated, encouraging participants who challenge themselves in a training program that combines weight lifting, sports training and cardio at levels that transcend all age groups. Owners, Ellie, Ashley and Dustin are dedicated highly trained professionals who adapt the workouts to meet the needs of their clients; they inspire the class members to achieve a level of fitness that goes above and beyond a routine workout in a gym. The sessions are a highly motivated “kick ass” workout that leaves you feeling physically challenged and amazing at the same time. Ellie, Ashley and Dustin create an environment that has an “all in together” atmosphere that fosters encouragement, motivation and support among the people who participate in the classes. I would highly recommend this class for anyone of any age who is looking to escape the dull routine of regular exercise and is looking for a high energy motivational experience that will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and happier with a passion for this dynamic cross training workout!          

                                                                                       - Tom, Age 56

I have been active my entire life & have had (& currently have) gym memberships as well as attend many fitness classes of varying levels. This summer I turned 50, and have found that no matter how clean I eat or hard I work out, it is just challenging to stay in shape. This fall, I discovered The Garage & decided to give it a try.... Let me tell you I have not for a second regretted it! It's been an amazing adjunct to my fitness routine and although I am gaining muscle weight, I am finally losing inches. I am stronger than I have ever been and lifting weights I never dreamed possible! I can even now do chin-ups 👍.


Ellie, Dusty and Ashley have not only taken the time to properly train me (& all the newbies) to be able to safely & effectively perform the workouts, but they are also the most amazing motivators who never,ever put you down but constantly encourage and enlighten on proper technique. The environment is super friendly & everyone can work at their own pace without fear of being judged... However I have also found that working with partners gives you the nudge to go further than I would in the gym or on my own. Every workout is different and you are never,ever bored & the WOD (workout of the day) cardio gives me ideas for workouts to do on my own or at the gym.


I also had suffered some knee injuries which deterred me from running but am finding as I strengthen my lower body, I am also slowly building back my mileage without any knee pain!! I can't wait for the spring and summer months to really see how far my body will take me. I can't say enough about how awesome these  Crossfit style workouts at The Garage are... You'll just have to give it a try 😀!


I would also say that as a mom of 2 college students an an extremely active middle well as working full time & driving a distance daily... There doesn't leave a lot of "me-time" to workout.. I have found that there's a variety of class times to choose from and in an hour or less I have completed a total body workout that would take twice the time in the standard gym. My college daughter even enjoys joining in when she is home ❤️.
                                                           - Lori, 50

The Garage experience is like none other. It does not matter your shape, size, age, physical limitations or your goals, it is for anyone & everyone!!! Though a group class setting, the coaches tailor the workout to your individual goals & needs.

There are many things I LOVE about the Garage, but I will focus on only a few:

The WORKOUTS: are full body, dynamic workouts with a superior cardiovascular benefit. They are challenging, yet able to be accomplished and make you want to come back for more!! I’ve worked out with other trainers/group fitness and it was always the “same ole” every time. It got boring & monotonous and I never saw any growth or change in my fitness & strength.  Not the case at the Garage. As an avid marathon runner, I have found this style of strength and workouts have only enhanced my running and my appetite for fitness! My problem is not getting to the Garage for a workout, but knowing when I need a day off.

The PEOPLE: Awesome, Incredible, Encouraging, Supportive, Strong, Determined…need I say more. It’s a family. There is a camaraderie that can’t be explained but that you must experience for yourself. The people give you the motivation and that little extra push that you need to get through the workouts and make you want to get that one more rep in!

The COACHES: Trained, Skilled, Knowledgeable, Encouraging, Supportive, Approachable, Dependable, I could go on & on……they make you want to come back for more. They know just how far to push and when limits need to be set.  Form is of utmost importance! They are present and watching you the entire time. The workouts (WOD’s) are always changing so it never gets boring. They are always learning and bringing new skills to The Garage. It’s important to me to train with coaches that have experience and credentials. This is important to me, as it should be for you!!  They truly care about their members as individuals, not just another person paying to come to their gym.  

Hope to see YOU…at The Garage!!

                                                                        - Amy, 42





Life changing...That is how I would describe my experience at the Garage.  I started attending classes in January after my friend, Amy encouraged me to do so.  When she first told me about what one does during class, I was hesitant. I told her, "I have never done ANYTHING like this before."  Her response was "it's ok-you're going to love it." And she was so right.
Ellie, Ashley & Dustin are extremely supportive & encouraging & fun!! But most importantly, they know what they are doing. They encourage you to be your best: push you to do more when you can and tell you to rest when you need to. Their approach to fitness and nutrition is healthy, restricting or over exercising is never promoted.
I can't say enough how much healthier and confident I feel. If anyone is looking to looking to work out in a supportive environment
filled with nothing but praise and zero judgment then this is the place to be!

                                                                       - Christina, 39

I started at the garage in January after weeks of contemplation. I had just completed a very difficult weight loss and lost a total of 35 lbs, I was determined to keep the weight off and improve my fitness in the process. I hesitantly joined and started off with the 6am Bootcamp being my first class. Within the 1 class, I was hooked. Within the one class I also realized that I wasn't as fit as I thought I was, I could not do a real push-up, my jump roping needed some work and burpees.... Forget about it.  It is now almost June and I still enjoy my 6am classes and even go to the night classes. Ellie, Ashley and Dustin are all awesome and have helped me find my strengths and weaknesses, they encourage me even in my worst days. I went from not being able to lift a light kettle bell with correct form to now lifting more than I ever thought I could. I love going to class and learning new things all the time. I love the results I have seen- and love the stuff I am learning. I am actually part of the nutrition challenge and love the recipes and encouragement from the coaches and all that were part of the challenge. I encourage everyone to get out and try a class and join the intro class, it doesn't matter your height, weight or experience, this is the perfect spot to get back on track!

                                                                     - Allison, 28

When I was a kid I loved to run. I would run as fast as I could to feel the wind on my face and my legs buckle under me. And I was fast. I thought I would always feel this love. Then adolescence hit and I lost a lot of my confidence and started to stray from the things I enjoyed so much. I stopped running with that power that I once held.
In January this year, I agreed to start attending intro classes at the Garage with my friend. The first week was hard because I felt awkward and nervous, but by the end of the month I was in a completely different mind set. I already was noticing changes in my body and myself; I was stronger, more confident and less irritable. I began making healthier choices when it came to what I was consuming.  I started keeping track of my progress and was so excited to see how much things were changing. Then a few weeks ago during our WOD something hit me. It was right at the end, that moment when you want to stop, but I didn't and I heard Ellie's praise- encouraging me on and felt that feeling again that had been gone for so long. That feeling of strength and confidence and no fear.
That is what being a part of the Garage has done for me.
By the way, I ran my first 5k last week.

                                                                   - Christina, 39

I could never get THIS from a DVD workout


Let me say this at the start. I am 45. I THOUGHT I was in shape. I could run. I could lift. I could do cardio, yoga, P90x, T25. Then I met Ellie, Ashley and Dustin at CrossFit Honesdale at the Garage. I thought I ate right, then I was introduced to the meal plan. Here's the difference between all the other programs and THe Garage. The team, the support , the other members, the coaches. The COACHES are a huge part of this journey. All of them. I have formed lasting relationships with so many people at the Garage. So many with the same like mind, the same desires needs and wants. It's great to be part of the group. The staff has the uncanny ability to look at a member and see how far they can push themselves. 


I signed up and went to the first class to "check it out". I will never forget my first class. It was awesome! Yet at the same time daunting, it wasn't easy by any means, however I was able to go at my own pace without ridicule. There was nothing there but encouragement to keep going. I learned to push myself farther than I could ever do at a normal gym. 


I had a shoulder flexibility problem that I didn't even know I had until I climbed onto the pull up bar and was instructed on how to do them the correct way. Remember I have done p90x to its completion, what a difference. Once Ellie saw my discomfort she was genuinely concerned. When I told her there was nothing wrong with it that I had an MRI she did research and found exercises that I could do that would strengthen my shoulder. Something I could never have gotten from a DVD. I am happy to say that I can now do pull-ups the right way without pain in my shoulder. Her expertise was crucial. 


At 45 and only 6 weeks into training at the CrossFit Honesdale at the Garage I am stronger, faster, more confident in my training, more flexible and more fundamentally sound in my weight lifting. I will never stop! The Garage has a client for life! I will compete in the CrossFit open next year with the instruction and guidance of Ellie, Ashley and Dustin. All who have been instrumental in getting me to this point. I can't wait to see where the journey takes me.


If you have any reservations come check out a class. Find me. I'll tell you more about my experience. If you think you are too old, too slow, too weak to start you should really think again. It is by far the best gym/fitness experience I have ever had. 


                                                                        - John, 45

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