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We offer group adult classes, kid classes, personal training and specialty classes (endurance, running, weightlifting, etc).



We strive to provide an environment that welcomes all people no matter what. We love helping our members achieve their goals, in the gym and out.  No matter where you are starting, we will meet you there and help to move you along at your pace.  Building strength, confidence, losing weight and gaining muscle takes time and energy.  We know this because we are also on a journey to achieve these things.  Our gym community has this common goal, to learn something new each day and leave the gym better than when we arrived – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose fat, increase your endurance, or get ready for your sport, this class is for you! Our programming is organized in a way where each person in each class has the opportunity to meet their goals and have their needs met within a group setting (which adds motivation and so much positive energy)! Whether you are 16 or 65 this class has what you need, our coaches are professional and highly trained in technique, modifications and are always safety focused.

Each class is programmed with a purpose, coached by a professional, provides variety and fun! The variety we offer each day and week is done so with intent by our programmer to give you the best results (think: muscle building and fat loss) and keeping you safe.


We have been building our community and helping the people of northeast PA get healthy, fit, and strong since 2012. We are passionate about what we do and look forward to working with you!



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Are you bored with your current routine or want to clean up your technique? Consider our One on One/Small Group Personal Training.  This program is scheduled on an individual basis, is an excellent addition to our CrossFit Class membership or as a stand-alone to your current training. If you do your own thing and need something to spice your weeks up or if you want to focus on a specific aspect of your traiing (Think: Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, endurance, running etc) this is the program for you. One on One/small group training is an excellent way to get a professional coach to focus only on you and make changes right on the spot to technique.  What an awesome experience! This program is also an excellent way to get familiar with our gym, coaches, and methodology before jumping into group class.  We can schedule you a one on one/small group session to get you jump started and then transition right into our CrossFit Classes.

Gather up a few friends and contact us today to get your sessions booked, our professional coaches are excited to get started with you today!

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  • This class meets every Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm. 

  • Class is limited to 10 participants.

  • Monthly membership is $119

  • This class focuses on building skills, strength, coordination and individual confidence. A variety of games, drills, workouts, and personalized coaching will be used to build a strong foundation of fitness and love of movement. 

  • We have confirmed with Wayne Highlands that students will be able to take bus #93 from Lakeside/Middle school directly to the gym, if you choose to. 

  • We have a large waiting room with a kids area, so your child can wait for you there if you are unable to pick them up exactly at 4:30pm. 

  • After a child has successfully completed one full month of classes they may be invited to participate in our regular 9am Saturday class. This add-on invitation will be based on the Coach's evaluation of their skill and foundation (safety, age-appropriateness and success is always our top priority). This bonus add-on is a great way for kids to get in an extra day of training, and do so in a different atmosphere. There is no additional charge for this.


  • This class meets every Tuesday& Thursday 4:30pm - 5:30pm. 

  • Class is limited to 10 participants. 

  • Monthly membership is $119

  • This class will focus on building skills, strength, coordination and individual confidence. A variety of games, drills, workouts, and personalized coaching will be used to build a strong foundation of fitness and love of movement. 




  • Once a child is enrolled in our kids program their membership is automatically renewed/billed at the start of every month. If you wish to cancel your child's membership at any time, you must notify us via email by the 15 of the month. If you do not notify us by the 15th, you will be billed for the upcoming month. Example: if you want to cancel your October membership, notice must be given by 9/15.

  • We are happy to prorate you for classes missed if you notify us by the 15 of the month prior to the start of the month that your child will be missing a certain class(es) date. Example: if your child will be missing class on 10/18 & 10/20, notice would have to be given by 9/15. While we do not require contracts, we do require this notice to give us proper time to advertise openings or make drop-in class options available to other students. 

  • Makeup classes are not provided in the event of missing a class without notice given by the 15th.

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