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                    "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

All new members attend 3 beginner classes. These beginner sessions are held approximately twice a month and usually fill up quickly. Therefore, once you decide to join you should contact us ASAP to reserve a spot in the next available beginner group.

Beginner classes are completely focused on teaching proper form and movement and providing you with an overview of the exercises we utilize in our regular classes. Each beginner class is small group and you receive tons of personalized feedback from coaches, which helps you build a strong foundation allowing you to transition more smoothly into regular class. After attending these 3 beginner sessions you are able to attend any class on our schedule, as many times per week as you want.

Joining (and rejoining) CrossFit Honesdale at The Garage requires an initial commitment of 3 months.

Our training is very effective and gets proven results, but it requires commitment on the part of the person joining. A 3 month commitment will allow you to properly benefit from our training and set a strong foundation for long-lasting change. You do NOT need to pay three months in advance - you simply pay your membership at the start of each month, but a credit card will be kept on file. 

Click here to reserve your spot in our next beginner group.

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