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  Frequently Asked Questions


What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is basically a group of people working out together with a common goal - to get better. A coach creates workouts every day and when you come to class you learn new skills and complete a kick-butt workout. All while being pushed and supported by the awesome community of people in class with you. *See our "About" page for more info.


What does an average class consist of ?

Each class is one hour long and starts with a warm up (ex: jumping jacks, jogging/walking, air squats, and active stretching), followed by a strength portion (think slower exercises that focus on form and technique and strengthening muscle), and finished with a workout  (this is where the heavy breathing and sweating happens).

Do I need to be in shape or experienced to start?

No. No. No.

That is probably the biggest misconception about CrossFit. CrossFit is not what you see on the television - what you see on the television is ELITE CrossFit athletes. Saying you don't want to try CrossFit because you aren't like the people  you see on TV is like saying you don't want to play volleyball at your family reunion because you don't play like Misty May-Treanor or Kerri Walsh.

CrossFit gyms are not made up of elite CrossFit Games athletes (Olympic athletes) - they are made up of moms, and dads, and construction workers, and business owners, and high school athletes, and people on weight loss journeys, and people who have never worked out like this before in their lives.

We don't want or need you to be in shape or experienced -- that's our job!! We will help you become a fit and confident athlete.

At the same time, if you are fit and experienced we will push you to the next level. CrossFit is universally scalable - which means we can ramp up the program to challenge the most elite athlete or we can scale the workout down to meet the needs of a beginner athlete. Don't just take our word though- come try it for yourself.


Is weightlifting all you do?

To start, I’d ask why you ask this. If it’s because you have some physical limitations (back issues, joint issues, etc.) we are experienced with, and passionate about, developing programming to meet your specific needs. We always put safety first and are very skilled at modifying exercises. So, physical/medical issues will not limit your participation in our gym, nor your results.

If you’re asking this because you don’t want to _________ (insert any of the following: get bulky, be too muscular, look like Arnold, etc), you won’t.

Finally, to answer your question, no. While we do a lot of barbell work (because it’s an amazing, total body workout) we incorporate many different exercises (ex: sit-ups, pushups, pull ups, battle ropes, jump ropes, rowing, bicycle, step-ups, tires, slam balls, medicine balls, jumping jacks, running/walking), and we can even program barbell-free workouts when necessary.

Weight training is a central part of our programming because it has so many benefits: Increased bone density, burns more calories, sculpts the body, increases confidence, and improves your overall health and movement as you go about your daily life.



Am I too ___ (insert any of the following: old, out of shape, young, advanced) to do this?

No. CrossFit Honesdale is for everyone. See our testimonials page if you don't believe us.

Why is this more expensive than other gyms?

Because you get what you pay for.

A traditional gym provides you with equipment – you need to supply everything else (the motivation, the knowledge, the discipline). Our gym provides you with everything you need to be successful. Every time you come to our gym you are greeted by an experienced, certified coach that has spent hours programming workouts that will get you results. All you have to do is show up – we program for you, adapt exercises for you, train you, motivate and encourage you, and overall, get to know you, your goals, and how your body is responding to training.

Training is also very mental. It’s difficult to go to the gym when you know what’s waiting for you is a mind-numbing hour on the elliptical....alone. Our classes are different every single day and you create a strong community with the people you’re working out with. This group interaction helps with the motivation we all need to get to the gym.

With our style of training you are excited to see what the workout is that day, you want the high from completing a workout you thought was going to be so challenging, and you'll love the feeling of comradery and community you get from training here.

Ultimately, we're probably $10-$15 more per week than a traditional gym membership and for that you get personal coaching on a daily basis.



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