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                    "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

Upcoming Beginner Session Dates = 

Monday 3/16 @ 6:50pm
Tuesday 3/17 @ 5:30pm
Thursday 3/19 @ 4:30pm

About our Beginner Classes:

The 3 beginner classes are small group and focus on teaching you proper form and movement. You get a lot of personalized feedback from the coaches and you build a foundation that will prepare you to transition into regular class, if that is what you choose to do. Each class will incorporate: details about our gym and how classes are coached and run, introduction/teaching/practicing a wide variety of exercise movements, explanations and practicing of modifications/enhancements that are available for each person’s unique needs, and a mini workout, which allows you to experience the many ways our workouts are formatted.

After attending the 3 beginner classes you will be prepared to attend any class on our schedule.

Sign Up Options:

Option 1: I’m committed & ready to do it - sign me up:

Awesome. Commitment is a huge part of making a new routine successful. Joining our gym requires an initial commitment of 3 months. You’ll purchase your first month ($125) now and your beginner classes are free. Reserve your spot in this session by signing up through this link ⬇️

Signup = (Select 3 month commitment)

Option 2: I’m not 100% sure, I’d like to try the beginner session first & then decide:

We get it. Sometimes you want to test the waters before diving in. To attend our beginner session without committing to join our gym is $60. If you decide to join our gym within 24 hours after your last beginner session we’ll credit that $60 to your first month’s membership. Reserve your spot in this beginner session by signing up through this link ⬇️

Sign up in = (select beginner session only)

Additional details on joining:

If you decide to join us there is a 3 month initial commitment to join. You do not have to pay for all 3 months up front, you can pay each month at the start of the month, but a credit card is put on file for your 3 month commitment - after that you renew on a month to month basis and can cancel at any time by simply notifying us via email, prior to your renewal date. Our training is very effective and gets incredible results, but it requires commitment on the part of the person joining. We provide personal coaching on a daily basis, different workouts every day, personal modifications when necessary, and very effective strength and conditioning programming - not to mention an incredible, supportive community of people, which helps to keep everyone motivated and enjoying the process of becoming better.

Other helpful info:

Frequently asked question & answers can be found here:

Be sure to checkout our regular class schedule @ to make sure our schedule works with yours.

Add our email address: to your contact list, so you don’t miss important emails from us.

Don’t delay, jump start your life today! 


*space is limited

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